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How We Simplify the Divorce Process for You


When we chose the name Washington Divorce Made Simple, we did it intentionally.  We do not think that the decision to divorce -- whether uncontested or contested --- is a simple one.  In fact, we believe it is quite complicated. 


We strongly believe that the process of completing the required court documents and paperwork should not add to your complications and stress.  We also believe that you should not have to pay thousands of dollars to make sure your agreements are accurately reflected in the documents, nor should you have to pay a lot to be sure your paperwork complies with the many court rules.


We developed WDMS to support clients and professionals who have chosen to travel the divorce process in a healthy way.  Whether spouses are completing the process entirely on their own, or working with a mediator to resolve their disputes, WDMS can efficiencly and economically take on the tasks of completing all of the documents needed to file (start) and then finalize (complete) your divorce.



If you and your spouse are pursuing the process entirely on your own, then, with your input, our smart questionnaire will guide you through the process by identifying all areas of the divorce process that must be addressed in your unique case.  Our experienced attorneys and staff are available, too, to answer questions for you.  For an additional, reasonable fee, we can handle the actual filing of your paperwork in many counties both to start and complete your divorce, so that you don't have to do that.  If you choose to do it on your own, then we provide you with the instructions.  (In both options, you will be responsibile for paying the filing fees to the court.)


If you and your spouse are working with a mediator, then we can help you, too.  We can prepare your initial filing documents for you.  Once you've resolved all issues with your mediator, then we can prepare your final documents for completing your divorce.  We are also available to handle the actual filing of your paperwork in many counties both to start and complete your divorce. (In both options, you will be responsible for paying the filing fees to the court.)


We developed WDMS, so that we could simplify the process for people who are choosing to divorce in a healthy way.  We are excited that this journey has begun.  We look forward to exceeding your expectations!