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Limited Legal Representation Is Not Second Class Service


After a decade of dreaming about this site and five years of working to make it real, we are thrilled to have launched WashingtonDivorceMadeSimple.com earlier this month.  Through this site, we'll be providing limited legal services to our clients.  What, you may be wondering, are "limited legal services."


The "limited" part does not reduce the quality of the final work product.  It also does not affect the promptness with which we will respond to your communications.  We will treat you with the same respect as we treat our "traditional" clients, and the quality of the documents you receive will be no different than the ones we prepare for our "traditional" clients, too.


The limited in "limited legal services" addresses the scope of our work as your attorney.   


In our next post, we'll talk more about the scope of services we offer through WDMS. 









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