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Successful Divorce Mediation and WashingtonDivorceMadeSimple


When we originally envisioned WashingtonDivorceMadeSimple, our goal was to provide high quality, limited legal services to individuals choosing uncontested divorce in Washington State and avoiding emotionally and financially costly litigation. 


We knew we could deliver high quality divorce papers at a low cost.   We knew there was a need for more than just a document preparation service, and we wanted to fill that void.  At WDMS, we not only draft the divorce papers, but we are available to answer questions, provide consultations, and -- when clients want it -- actually handle the filing and completion of the divorce paperwork with the court.  We are excited to be moving forward and serving clients in this way.  However, we quickly realized that WDMS could serve many more people in a productive way.


This year, we are developing relationships with divorce mediators in an effort to assist individuals in completing the divorce process in a streamlined and affordable way after their mediation is complete.   Divorce mediation is a wonderful process that allows divorcing people to resolve their disputes without litigation and court intervention.  However, once the mediation process is completed, the court papers still need to be prepared, filed with the court, and ushered through the process until entry of the final Divorce Decree. 


Also, for unrepresented couples who are participating in divorce mediation, a consultation with an attorney at the end of the process is always recommended.  Often, the divorce mediator will not (or cannot because they are not a licensed attorney in Washington State) draft the divorce papers.  We can both draft the paperwork and serve as the attorney consult for the spouse who is our client.  We are developing relationships with divorce mediators to enable them to offer this option to their clients.  In every situation, we provide a clear and set "flat fee" price, so there are no surprises.


When we work with clients in this way, one of the spouses is our client.  We can draft the initial divorce papers at the start of the mediation if our client and his/her spouse want to start the 90 day clock, or we can wait until the end.  We're available to consult during the mediation if our client wants to have a sounding board or input from an attorney.  Once the divorce mediation process is completed, we prepare the final paperwork required by the court and incorporate into the divorce papers the agreements reached in mediation.   Once the divorce papers are signed, we can handle all of the steps at the courthouse, too, so that neither our client nor their spouse ever has to go to court. 


After more than twenty-five years of family law practice, one thing is abundantly clear to us:  litigation is never, ever good for families.  Through WDMS, we want to support as many people as we can -- be it divorcing spouses or other professionals -- who are choosing to avoid the destructive nature of family law litigation.  We are truly excited to develop these new partnerships to further our initial goal of supporting people who are choosing healthier options than litigation.